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Top Internet and TV Providers in 2021

Microsoft Gears Up to Buy AT&T’s Warner Bros. Gaming Unit

Reports reveal that Microsoft has shown its interest in buying the Warner Bros. Gaming Unit that is presently owned by AT&T. Warner Brothers also known as WB Games is behind famous franchises including Batman: Arkham series, numerous Lego games and much popular games Mortal Kombat. For the distribution of CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, that is to take place later this year, WB will be behind it.

The studios of Warner Bros. Games are situated in the US, the UK and Canada. In 2018, AT&T had purchased the game studio when it bought Time Warner’ assets. With this purchase, AT&T started witnessing the challenges such as the buying of Time Warner and Direct TV massively increased company’s debt and left AT&T seeking for ways to cut costs. Currently AT&T is facing many economic problems since the advertisers reduce their advertising budgets in this period of COVID-19.

It was last month when the news about selling WB Games came out in the media. With the news breaking of selling WB Games, speculations came out that it will be sold for around $4 billion. Apart from Microsoft, there are other companies who eye for buying WB Games such as Take Two Interactive Software, EA and Activision Blizzard. All of these giant companies are making high income.

Microsoft is the big contender in this deal and hopefully it will fetch the deal, as it has budget and is in need to develop in house game studios to create exclusive games. AT&T will be benefited with this sale money. The company plans to fire around 3400 jobs in coming weeks and is also on the verge to close 250 stores in the US due to coronavirus pandemic that will also register impact on 1300 jobs.

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Experience America’s Best Internet Service with Double Play Bundles with Xfinity Internet

Get America’s best Internet experience with double play bundles at Xfinity Internet. It’s now time to change the way you WiFi with Xfinity xFi. There will be a marvelous and unforgettable experience with flashing speed, big coverage and control that you need to relish with. Get an ultimate home WiFi experience now. It offers you reliability fast Internet. You have all control – you may choose a download speed that fits your lifestyle no matter you are browsing the web or streaming your all-time favorite movies and shows. Stay connected while you are on the go. You will have access to giant collection rather millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots nationwide so you may surf or stream without using your mobile data.

Mind you, it is only Xfinity that gives you much more to entice you. Besides, when you rent its xFi Gateway modem + router for only $14 per month, you will also be provided with personalized control and free advanced security.

With Xfinity Internet, you will receive reliably fast speed in addition to largest Gif-speed network available with the provider. You are provided with big coverage and control (as mentioned above). With xFi Gateway, you will have whole-home WiFi management.

Xfinity Internet gives you Flex 4K streaming device, voice remote and Peacock premium – all are offered at no extra cost. One more wonderful feature, you will be given – advanced security. It is provided free with its Gateway to block online threats (to connected devices). To satisfy the customers, Xfinity Internet offers 30-day money back guarantee plus 24/7 courteous support.

Check all package and offers Xfinity Internet has for you at Usacablenet.com

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Frontier Communications to Be Offered Rebates or Bill Credits – Last Date to Claim is 20th July

If you are Frontier Communications customers, then the time to chill and be excited has approached now. The latest reports from the company reveal that the customers are eligible for rebates and credit. The representatives of Frontier Communications say that the last day for applying for rebates or bill credits is 20th July and both past and current customers will be considered for this scheme.

Further information depicts that the former and present Frontier Communications customers will be roped into this scheme based on past service quality and reliability issues. Those customers eligible for rebate are directed to act quickly since the settlement claim period that started in April this year will end up on 20th July 2020.

Commerce Commissioner Steve Kelley says that more than 2,000 customers from Minnesota (only from Minnesota State) have already filed their claims for bill credits or rebates. Still there is quite time left to file the claim. So, a lot of more customers (former and current) could be eligible. They need to review the settlement categories to check if they qualify for this settlement? Till 20th July, they have time. The applications for refund or bill credits may be accessed through below link.

Minnesota Bill Credit

It is undoubtedly good news for all the customers, as the company is issuing them the bill credit or rebate. Many have tried their luck and the rest too are expected to get advantage from this settlement that is obviously interesting for all customers.

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iHola TV Added to Spectrum TV – An Agreement Inked Between the Two

Good news for entertainment lovers and the ones who use Spectrum TV. The reports have it that iHola TV has been added to Spectrum now to strengthen its presence in the US market. According to latest reports, the most coveted and complete channel for fashion, royalty and lifestyle has now inked an agreement with Charter Communications for the launch in its Spectrum ‘Mi Plan Latino’ and ‘Latino View’ television packages.

With a contract with Charter Communications, iHola TV has undoubtedly reinforced its presence in United States. From 1st July 2020, iHola will be added into Spectrum TV as mentioned above.

After the agreement, iHola TV now continues its growth into the US Hispanic market offering content related to fashion, royal families of the world, celebs and lifestyle – the content that is watched by the majority of the viewers in the US.

Marcos Perez, CEO and GM iHola TV says that the company is pleased to ink an agreement to enter into programming rapport with Charter Communications that lets us to build up our strength in a competitive market of the US.

With more than 700 hours of production, iHola TV premiers on Charter’s Spectrum with ‘La Hora iHola’ featuring latest news on fashion, celebs and royal families.

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AT&T Proudly Launches 5G across US in 28 Markets with DSS Technology

The news about launch of 5G network by AT&T in the US market has spread everywhere. According to reports, AT&T has now launched its 5G network in 28 additional markets all over the US by bringing its 5G services to around 160 million users in 355 markets in entire country.

As per the company, few of these markets, where the launch was done, happen to be the first one to experience the dynamic spectrum sharing DSS technology – that has been enabled to let the carriers to share the same channel between 4G and 5G users at the same time.

The representative of the company says that through DSS technology, the deployment of 5G could take place faster and efficiently. It will help more customers take the wider advantages of this new 5G technology. The representative further says that such technology will surely help create a fast and intelligent network for their customers. The spokesman also mentions that the DSS is a vital stepping stone on their path to nationwide 5G.

Reports have it that AT&T is the first US carrier to deploy this technology in its network. Further, the rep says that it is presently playing an important part as the company works towards a countrywide 5G footprint this summer.

After the launch of 5G, AT&T is also busy in a public private partnership with federal government to make and operate FirstNet – a countrywide wireless broadband network for first responders.

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How to Set up Windstream Email Account

Let’s learn here how to step up Windstream Email account here. First things first that if your email app or the client could not set up the servers automatically after your provided your email address, then it is the time to add the settings manually. You now need to enter the incoming (IMAP or POP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers by yourself. Remember, IMAP is highly recommended for incoming. The set-up is mentioned as under:

Incoming Servers

  • imap.windstream.net
  • port: (SSL) 993
  • port:143
  • pop.windstream.net
  • port: (SSL) 995
  • port:110


Outgoing servers:

  • smtp.windstream.net
  • port: (SSL) 465
  • port: 587

Next thing is the verification. Incoming and outgoing servers both should verify your email address and password in order to work properly. Thus make it sure that you enable the authentication on the outgoing server also.

About Servers

Let’s hear talk about the description of the servers.

IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol): All messages are kept on Windstream server. Every device that uses IMAP will look the same – like if any messages gets deleted or any folder is generated on any device, every change done will instantly reflect on all devices.

POP (Post Office Protocol): First the messages are downloaded from the Windstream server to a single device and later they are deleted from the server. This could emerge to be troublesome since it may appear that the email is missing or disappearing from the inbox if you happen to check your email account from some different device or computer.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol): It is called the outgoing mail server.


This is actually the entire process of how to set up Windstream Email account?

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How to Find Internet Providers in Your Area?

Well, in this technological advanced world where everything is on your fingertips, do you think finding something is difficult? Now coming back to the question as to how to find Internet providers in your area is simply to search for ISPs by using your home or business information. Majority of the people search for the best Internet providers in their areas by putting their ZIP codes in search or inserting the information of the general area where they reside. But you may have more wide options to search for an internet provider with your actual address.

Locating the Fast Internet Service Available in Your Area

There is absolutely no denying in saying that technology industries are evolving very fast and the same is the case with ISPs. Internet service providers in entire US are in race to spread their coverage areas and increase their connection speeds. The latest significant progress in internet service is the transition from cable internet to fiber. This new shift to provide the customers with fastest internet connection in your areas by using fiber-optic cables is really helping everyone.

How to find Internet Providers in Your Specific Area?

No doubt, your options will largely depend on your specific address. But here few of very popular ISPs are mentioned which work across the US.

Type of Internet Availability at Your Address

Two types of internet options are available when you search to find internet providers in your areas.

Cable Internet: This internet uses the same technology and wires as used by cable television. You may find both facilities of internet and television simultaneously.

Fiber Internet: The internet is transmitted through new technology in comparison with cable internet. Since fiber technology is new, thus fiber optic cables are not accessible in majority of the places. The procedure of installing the fiber optic cables is being done very fast.

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